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Some people seem totally disconnected, off on their own islands. Others are be motivated, but consistently burn bridges (or burn out) by leading with a heavy hand.

It feels lonely, though not because you're actually alone. You're surrounded by people: Coworkers & members of your community. Employees & team-mates. Partners & customers. Even family & friends need to work together.

But when you realize that everybody working together isn't actually working can't help but wonder, why not?

"It's not that hard to get a group of people in a room. What's hard is getting that group to create value, together."

Alex Hillman, Coworking Weekly curator

Alex Hillman

I'm bringing coworking back to it's roots, and I'd love for you to join me.

I'm Alex Hillman, and I started one of the longest continuously operating coworking spaces in the world, called Indy Hall. Indy Hall is a community and shared workspace with hundreds of members, working on their own businesses...but also working collaborating in amazing and often unexpected ways.

Coworking didn't have any success stories or media coverage while we were getting started in 2006, so we had to make a lot of tough decisions based on instincts. And we listen very carefully to our community.

We knew that none of us wanted to recreate the kind of terrible corporate office experiences that we'd all escaped from. So we took our coworking space as an opportunity to see what happens when people choose to work together instead of being forced.

When nothing matters more in your business than people & culture, you choose different approaches for problem solving.

The secret I've learned is that that people & culture matter in every business.

In this way, Indy Hall has been a laboratory for what's possible when people work together (even when they don't have to)...and at the same time has shone a rather bright spotlight on the reasons why most organizations aren't getting the best results from their people.

Which is why I love to share what we've learned about culture and community building over the last 7 years. I've seen it make a difference. And the more I share, the more quesitons I get.

The problem is that many of the best answers I've given to peoples' questions are lost in email archives and chat transcripts.

So in 2014, I've rebooted Coworking Weekly as a Q&A-style newsletter where I answer your questions about creating collaborative cultures and communities in your organizations, from fledgeling coworking spaces to Fortune 500 companies.

Because when it comes to people & culture, you probably have more in common than you think.

Welcome to the new Coworking Weekly.